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Water Footprint


The water footprint is the way to measure the uses and environmental impacts related to water, throughout the cycle of extraction of raw materials, processing, use and final disposal of products; and that they depend as much on the location as on the moment in which these uses occur. It is a valuable tool to prioritize actions that reduce these impacts and improve water management

What do we do?


We develop experiences in evaluating and reducing the impacts for water consumption and pollution in the productive processes of leading business partners; as well as actions in the territory to improve the management of shared water, as responsible actors involved in territorial development.

Who we are?


We are an initiative within the framework of the SuizAgua project, led by the Swiss Cooperation by its Global Program Water Initiatives. We have been working since 2010 with the private sector, public institutions and research centers to promote responsible and committed water management.

Our strategic partners are the government counterparts that lead the policies for the water resources management, as well as the leading companies in various sectors, the users in the territorial scope of the initiative, and the implementing partners of the proposal.

Scope of action

The initiative is implemented in Colombia (since 2010), Chile and Peru (since 2012)

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Lines of action

Footprint of Water:

Evaluation, reduction and management of internal impacts in the production chains of goods and services.

Commitment to the value chain:

Participation of suppliers and clients in reducing their impacts on water

Collective actions in watersheds:

Commitment of stakeholders to develop, together, actions for the sustainable water management and to protect the ecosystems.