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Develop and apply tools and concepts to value water, with regional and global scope, which are implemented by water professionals and business initiatives due to their economic, social and environmental relevance.

Partners and strategic alliances


From the State:

Private public:

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Territorial Stakeholders:

Río Cauca - Colombia



During 2014, the water footprint chapter was contributed to the National Water Study led by IDEAM and the implementation of CTA-GSI. Water use criteria for agricultural planning are currently being contributed with UPRA – Min Agriculture and contribution with design of the National Water Quality Monitoring Program with IDEAM.

Expected results


Strategic scaling-up of the application of the water footprint that promotes Corporate Water Management Strategy.

Strengthening of the criteria used by the agricultural planning sector in the National Program of Monitoring of Water Quality Standards, in particular related to the water footprint.

Water Bonds scheme operating, as a verifiable mechanism for the Integrated Water Resources Management.

Partners that constitute a community of practice where knowledge is shared and common technical bases are consolidated in order to influence together towards the best water management.

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