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Upgraded Water Action Hub (UN Global Compact – CEO Water Mandate)

  • 23.03.2018
  • A presentation by SDC GPW on the latest results in Colombia, Peru and Chile, as well as the Latin American Community of Practice that up to date reaches 60 professionals from around 13 countries. Afterwards, a dynamic discussion took place among Jason Morrison – CEO Water Mandate, United Nations Global Compact, Nancy Ibarra – Colombian National Business Association, Yuri Pinto – Secretary General of the National Water Authority of Peru and Marcelo Gamboa – Sustainability and Climate Change Agency of Chile. An important moment to dimension the regional strength of this initiative that builds and contributes to differentiated national processes.

    Presentation of the upgraded Water Action Hub of the UN Global Compact – CEO Water Mandate, was presented by Peter Schulte form the Pacific Institute. It is an online platform to raise awareness of water stewardship projects around the world. SDC currently contributes to improve and upgrade the Hub, especially to make use more intuitive and to increase the number of users and projects on the platform. Thus, good practices and technologies for water use efficiency, treatment and reuse implemented by companies from El Agua nos Un ear now available online: www.wateractionhub.org

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