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SIWI: Is there such thing as innovative financing for ecosystems?

  • 28.08.2018
  • Stockholm World Water Week 2018

    Tuesday, 28th August 2018

    Session: Is there such thing as innovative financing for ecosystems management? Enabling conditions for implementing ecosystems management

    Organizers: Stockholm International Water Institute, African Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank,  The Nature Conservancy

    The session focused on the conditions for investments in ecosystems management, including regulatory, legal and voluntary mechanisms. MiParamo is a mechanism for investment on ecosystem services from high Andean wetlands, in Colombia, supported by Swiss Cooperation (SDC), and was one of the four chosen examples from around the world.

    MiParamo is a finance mechanism that motivates investments from water users to work with families’ living in high Andean areas in order to preserve and restore the water provider wetlands. Hydrogeological monitoring, ecosystem conservation and livelihoods improvement actions are aimed by this initiative. MiParamo is anchored in the Water Fund platform (Alianza BioCuenca) from Norte de Santander, Colombia, which is supported by regional authorities, SDC, GIZ, Bavaria (private sector) and Good Stuff International.

    Experts from the session evaluated and provided feedback to MiParamo in terms of innovation, sustainability and scaling up potential. Recommendations on continuing with the valuation of the water regulation service, provided by the ecosystem, as the center of the finance scheme. In parallel, it is needed to quantify and project the total investment required to fix a goal that partners will aim at.

    Contacts: Diego Arévalo diego@goodstuffinternational.com; Andrea Yanez secretaria-tecnica@alianzabiocuenca.co; Diana Rojas diana.rojas@eda.admin.ch

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